Viegand Maagøe has written a White Paper on sustainability in buildings. It introduces the topic and what you should be aware of, when you need to plan, build and operate buildings. It explains sustainability concepts and certification schemes, and put them into the practice of building industry. The White Paper has been developed in collaboration with the Building Association and InnoBYG.

Client: Building Association / Landowners’ Investment Fund

The task
In the construction sector, there are many different ideas about sustainable construction and renovation. In the White Paper, we have made a conceptual reorganization and created the foundation for a common framework for understanding what sustainability in construction really is. The White Paper needs to address professional developers.

How we solved the task
We solved the task by having continuous and close dialogue with the stakeholders of construction sector. The work consisted of:

  • Involvement of construction stakeholders through a large kick-off conference
  • Discussion forums on LinkedIn
  • Workshops with executive competences
  • Round table discussion with representatives from the construction organizations
  • Surveys for developers, consultants and contractors / suppliers
  • Desk research and mapping
  • Editing
  • Consultation in building sector

And the result was
In 2013 the White Paper was published as the first organized collection of state-of-the-art sustainable construction in Denmark. The White Paper includes good practices to achieve sustainable construction and renovation, review of certification schemes and explanations of laws and directives in the area of sustainability.

Learn more
Anne Svendsen,, +45 31 75 17 43

Download White Paper on Sustainability in Construction (pdf)