Our history

It all started with wind turbines, heating systems, societal conditions, and a dream about making the world slightly more energy efficient. Today, 35 employees work hard every day to help consumers and businesses focus on using energy more efficiently.

Our history in Viegand Maagøe

Creating energy people


Two engineers graduate …

Both Jan Viegand and Peter Maagøe graduate as Masters of Science in Engineering from the Technical University of Denmark. Jan specializes in many different subjects ranging from societal conditions and investment planning to regulating heating systems and wind turbines. Peter is initially mostly interested in wind turbines but later, his interest turns towards simulating energy systems.


Developing even more competencies …

Jan finishes his degree program in journalism from the Danish School of Journalism. Peter finishes his PhD based on his work with Danyard and Carlsberg in optimizing complex systems.


Two engineers cross a mutual path …

Jan starts spreading the message on energy conservation for COWI in Mexico, South Africa, Lithuania, Bulgaria and Mongolia and other places. A few metres down the hall in the same company, Peter is busy organizing and putting together an industrial group while travelling around the country and spreading the same inspiring message as Jan.


Paths diverge …

Jan establishes Viegand Analyse & Information and hires Peter and others as freelance consultants to design an energy programme for the Government of Egypt. He rents a small office in a cooperative office in Havnegade, Copenhagen. Some of Jan’s first clients are large organizations such as the Danish Electricity Saving Trust, Danida, Danish Cooperation for Environment and Development (DANCED), the Danish Environmental Protection Agency and the Danish Energy Agency. Peter pursues a career in COWI, moving up the ranks from group manager to head the department responsible for industrial clients. Meanwhile, Jan gets increasingly busy and finally realizes that he needs to hire his first employee after just a few years.


Viegand & Maagøe is established …

Jan and Peter team up again and agree that their common expertise and view on customer care is a strong and lasting foundation for a joint venture. They establish Viegand & Maagøe which soon becomes a missing link in the energy sector – the firm everybody realizes they really needed now that it exists. A firm whose mission is to help customers save energy cost-effectively, and a firm with highly skilled employees, full of energy working in a great atmosphere. Jan and Peter set three core values.
We deliver excellence for our customers.
We dare to ask critical questions in pursuing unconventional solutions.
We cover all areas within energy conservation.
… and bring tremendous enthusiasm to our projects.


Continued growth …

Viegand & Maagøe moves from Havnegade to Nørre Farimagsgade in Copenhagen, where the firm rents half the third floor. Now it feels like we have a lot of space. Fortunately, our customers still like what we do, so the number of assignments increases steadily.


Full house …

All available floors from top to bottom are now filled with passionate energy people employed by Viegand & Maagøe, and we have established an office in Hinnerup in western Denmark. The number of employees has increased from 5 to 30 since 2006. We change our company name to Viegand Maagøe – energy people. This is who we actually are – a group of people dedicated to working with energy.


Viegand Maagøe is reborn as a private limited company

The company is now a private limited company (PLC) with a newly established board. The board consists of 5 board members who all know a lot about the fields we are working in.


We are welcoming a new chief executive officer

Because of Viegand Maagøe’s big growth, it is time for us to hire a CEO. After a period of searching, we have found the perfect man for the position – namely Søren Eriksen, who has a great interest in the energy sector as the rest of Viegand Maagøe does.