Viegand Maagøe has a team of engineers and communication staff at your disposal who are all committed to saving energy and providing climate-friendly solutions.

Søren Eriksen
Partner, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), MSc (Economics).

Tlf. +45 20 20 24 54

Søren is our Chief Executive Officer and he oversees the day to day management. Søren has many years of experience with finance and investments. He also possesses good knowledge of the energy sector. Søren contributes with his knowledge of investments in energy efficiency and renewable energy production. Also, he advises on investments in cleantech.
Søren spends his spare time with his family. In the summer, he and his family get away to sea in their sailing boat, which they sail in Danish, Swedish, and German waters. Søren also enjoys playing tennis and exercising in the local fitness center – when there is time for it.
About Søren


Fridolin Müller Holm
Partner, Head of Industry, MSc (Eng.) (Energy).

Tel. +45 31 75 17 14

Fridolin advises on energy in the industrial sector and his experience covers everything from processes to utility systems, energy screening and cost-benefit analyses to water and energy optimizing. Fridolin is involved in several international projects.
Fridolin spends most if his spare time looking after his big family of four children. But there’s also time for voluntary work for Engineers without Borders Denmark, jogging and taekwondo training.
About Fridolin
Andreas Riis Christiansen
Junior project manager, MSc (Eng.)

Tel. +45 31 75 17 44

Andreas primarily works with mapping, measuring, data processing and optimisation of energy flows. He has an analytically strong approach to large amounts of information, which is necessary, when e.g. he is involved in feasibility studies of large heat pumps in order to produce district heating. In his spare time, Andreas often goes hunting or fishing. In addition, he likes to brew beer, although the space is tight when living on the 5th floor.
About Andreas
Anne Svendsen
Senior Project Manager, MSc (Eng.) (Buildings).

Tel. +45 31 75 17 43

Anne advises municipalities, education institutions and the private sector on energy conservation. She screens buildings, drafts energy proposals and calculates savings, investments and payback periods.
Anne loves to read books and to sew carnival costumes for children. “One can read a technical drawing, as well as one can a sewing pattern” says Anne - although it’s not always that the children will agree with the creations.
About Anne
Bjørn Skjødt Sørensen
Project Manager, engineer.

Tel. +45 31 75 17 19

Bjørn is part of Viegand Maagøe’s industry team. He helps our customers with energy mapping, waste heat and management systems. Bjørn is also a talented international adviser due to his degree in Global Business Engineering.
Bjørn is truly a physically active man. When he is not at the office, you will either find Bjørn kitesurfing on the water, hunting in the woods, or on one of Aarhus’ many paths biking or jogging. Furthermore, Bjørn is fond of traveling and has lived in both Canada and South Africa.
About Bjørn
Christian Jensen
Head of Section and Senior Project Manager, MSc (Eng.).

Tel. +45 31 75 17 20

Christian specializes in converting the energy used by industrial companies to more environmentally friendly and sustainable sources. He also advises on energy optimization in the commercial and industrial sectors. Christian has a background in industry and has special expertise in cooling and heat pump systems.
Christian has scouting in his blood and divides his spare time between activities for children, course activities and troop strategies. He spends the rest of his spare time climbing the wall – as an instructor.
About Christian
Daniel Mach
Adviser, MSc (ENG.).

Tel. +45 31 75 17 18

When Daniel is at work, you will find him in our industry team. Daniel has lots of experience with utilities – especially with refrigeration equipment and heating plants. In Viegand Maagøe, he works with implementation of energy optimization projects in industrial enterprises.
When Daniel has the day off, he uses his spare time at home where he occupies himself with his house, his garden, or his dog. Furthermore, Daniel has a long list of language proficiencies as he speaks Danish, English, German, Russian, Czech, and Polish.
About Daniel
Fabian Bühler
Adviser, MSc
Fabian works with documentation of energy conservation projects. He carries out analysis and mapping projects and provides technical solutions with heat pumps. In addition, Fabian works with symbiosis projects and energy audits. Moreover, he has great knowledge of sustainable energy in general, energy systems and solar energy.
Fabian spends his leisure time travelling and learning languages – at the moment, he is taking Danish classes. When he is not busy experiencing the world or learning grammar, he works out at the gym and plays table tennis.
About Fabian
Mie Skaarup Brødsgaard
Project Manager, BSc (Eng.).

Tel. +45 31 75 17 34

Mie deals with energy management, energy consulting, and process optimization for industrial companies and hospitals. She advises on the entire energy management process from the planning and mapping stages through to the establishment and certification of the energy management system.
Mie has been an active girl scout since 1988 so she is the perfect person to ask about life in the great outdoors. She is also a keen runner and sings in a choir.
About Mie
Peter Kristensen
Chief Adviser, BSc (Eng.) (hon.) (Civil Engineering).

Tel. +45 31 75 17 23

Peter puts his many years of industrial experience to good use when advising companies about energy consumption, utility systems and renewable energy. Peter has been involved in many large complex utility investments as project manager and an adviser to project owners.
Peter enjoys family life both at home and when exploring Latin countries. However, you’re just as likely to find him out cycling or jogging in the countryside.
About Peter
Peter Maagøe Petersen
Partner, MSc (Eng.), ph.D. (Energy).

Tel. +45 21 70 03 08

Peter advises on energy conservation, climate questions and utility systems and helps companies with action plans, energy management and energy audits. He has a comprehensive knowledge of industrial processes and has participated in international activities for many years.
In his leisure time, Peter concentrates on his family and the ongoing renovation of his house in Birkerød north of Copenhagen – with the occasional visit to the badminton hall and a run in the nearby forest.
About Peter
Peter Schneider
Chief Adviser, M.Sc

Tel. +45 31 75 17 18

Peter works with energy optimisation, energy savings and recycling of surplus heat in the industry. Peter has several years of experience with refrigeration systems, heat pumps and industrial processes such as drying and evaporation. In his leisure time, Peter likes to swim and bike in the woods or on the roads around Skanderborg.
About Peter
Pia Clausen
Chief Adviser, Engineer.

Tel. +45 31 75 17 05

Pia works with energy management and CO2/energy counselling, mostly in the industry sector. Pia has many years of experience from international tasks and working for Danish manufacturing companies. Pia has also expertise in the Danish tax system and much experience working with strategic energy planning.
Pia has 4 lovely children. The family enjoys camping and going abroad. Pia exercises by playing quite a lot of football with her youngest child. She also finds time for working on her house and going running or biking in nature. When she really needs to relax, she relocates to the family’s summer cottage where she enjoys lying in the hammock reading a good book.
About Pia


Annette Gydesen
Partner, Head of Sustainability, MSc (Eng.) (Energy).

Tel. +45 31 75 17 06

Annette knows all there is to know about energy efficient products. With her extensive experience of ecodesign and energy labelling, she provides expert assistance to energy authorities in both Denmark and Norway. Annette is also a specialist on voluntary agreements for promoting energy efficient products and on purchasing requirements for products.
Annette recharges her batteries by working in her garden and really enjoys being in the countryside, going on long walks and reading good books.
About Annette
Baijia Huang
Project Manager, MSc (Eng.) (Civil Engineering).

Tel. +45 31 75 17 15

Baijia is educated as a Master of Science from Loughborough University, UK. She offers technical assistance to the European Commission during ecodesign and energy labelling activities, where she carries out energy analyses and market surveillance of IT equipment, appliances and buildings. She is also experienced with sustainable building design, including using CFD simulations and performance analysis tools.
Baijia is originally from China, but she is now enjoying the Danish nature instead, where she especially likes swimming in the sea. Back in the warmth of home, Baijia is now started learning to play guitar.
About Baijia
Christian Nørr Jacobsen
Project Manager, MSc in Sustainable Energy.

Tel. +45 31 75 17 21

Christian is specialized in energy planning for municipalities and public utility as well as development and demonstrations projects within heat supply and energy reductions. Christian have extensive experience within ultra low temperature district heating and the framework conditions in relation to this type of public utility. In his spare time Christian is together with his girlfriend and daughter as well as he is working on their house. Christian also enjoys photographing architecture and landscapes.
About Christian
Christian Aage Lundsgaard
Project Manager, B.Sc., MA Sustainable Design.

Tel. +45 31 75 17 07

Christian is one of our experts in circular economy, sustainability and product- and business development. Previously he was responsible for product development at VELUX, Vestas and Pressalit and project management at Lifestyle & Design Cluster. In his spare time, Christian enjoys spending time with his wife and two sons. Together they go for a walk or run in the forests around Ry, and when time allows it, they travel to Norway, Spain or the United States to enjoy the nature. Back in 2014, Christian published a children’s book called “Når jarguaren brøler”.
About Christian
Jan Viegand
Partner, MSc (Eng.) (Energy), Journalist.

Tel. +45 20 85 80 94

Jan works with specialist energy projects and communication. He advises on the energy efficiency of products with special focus on IT and electronics. On the communication front, Jan works across a wide range of energy-related subjects and the production of IT tools.
Spain is Jan’s second homeland. In Denmark he’s on the board of his local school and residents’ association. He loves to cook and occasionally finds time to go jogging and read a book on his beloved Kindle.
About Jan
Kristian Madsen
Project Manager, MSc in Climate Change

Tel. +45 31 75 17 36

Kristian is cand.scient. in climate change and specialised in bioenergy and life cycle analyses. In Viegand Maagøe, Kristian works with climate accounts and reduction potentials, as well as with developing calculation tools and data management. In his spare time, Kristian enjoys climbing, practicing fitness and, above all, running in hilly terrain. Kristians favorite vacation is a combination of running, climbing and great nature experiences.
About Kristian
Larisa Maya-Drysdale
Senior Project Manager, Msc (Eng.), Ph.D.

Tel. +45 31 75 17 35

Larisa works with sustainable products and buildings. She provides expert assistance in Denmark and internationally with her experience advising on sustainable solutions. She has extensive experience with holistic sustainability assessments (Life-cycle assessment and Cradle to Cradle, among others) and climate reporting.
Larisa loves to spend time in nature, especially camping, diving and kayaking. She is also a fan of music and arthouse cinema and practices yoga and meditation regularly. In addition, she co-leads a voluntary human-rights grassroots organization and teaches LCA in Iceland when there is time.
About Larisa
Louise Hedelund Sørensen
Senior Specialist, MSc (Eng.).

Tel. +45 31 75 17 22

Louise wrote her dissertation on energy in buildings and now works with calculations and research in this field. She has also been involved in analysis and development on projects such as calculation tools in the building sector and is a permanent anchor person on several large projects mapping end uses of energy in Denmark.
When she’s not at work, Louise loves being outdoors, where she can often be found hiking and mountain biking in the forest.
About Louise
Mette Rames
Project Manager, MSc (Eng.).

Tel. +45 31 75 17 13

Mette is educated as a Master of Science in Environmental Engineering with a thesis on life cycle assessment (LCA). She is joining our sustainability team, where she works with our ecodesign and energy labelling tasks in the EU. In addition, Mette helps with energy optimization and analysis for our industrial clients.
Mette lives in Copenhagen with her boyfriend. She is very fond of being active which is why she almost daily exercises crossfit. In addition to this, Mette is a sports diver. She both dives in Denmark and abroad when she is on vacation with her boyfriend.
About Mette
Michelle Peled
Project Manager, Msc (Eng.).

Tel. +45 31 75 17 26

Michelle is part of our sustainability team where her focus is on ecodesign and energy labelling under European Union auspices. In addition, Michelle works with green procurement, impact assessment, data analysis and development of digital calculation tools.
Michelle is very fond of swimming and swims as often as she can. In the late summer, you will surely find Michelle in the water participating in the event Round Christiansborg. Michelle also likes to watch a movie – especially in the cinema. Recently, Michelle has taken on the new challenge of learning to knit.
About Michelle
Nicklas Høgh Iversen
Junior Project Manager, MSc in applied mechanics

Tel. +45 31 75 17 32

Nicklas works with energy optimisation for industrial companies and various projects for the EU and the Danish Energy Agency. With his special skills in numerical models, thermodynamics and energy optimisation, Nicklas is specialised in heat pump integration in industrial companies and the development of a numerical model that automatically analyses power consumption. In his spare time, Nicklas enjoys spending time with his girlfriend and their 1½ year old son. In addition, he teaches karate and takes care of his house in Roskilde.
About Nicklas
Peter Skov Hansen
Adviser, MSc (eng).

Tel. +45 60 29 78 01

Peter works with ecodesign, energy labelling of products, market surveillance, circular economy, data collection, and data analysis.
In his spare time, he plays handball and does strength training. Peter lives in Odense and commutes to Copenhagen every day. He is very enthusiastic about the environment and he hopes to have a positive impact on it– both in private and at the office.
About Peter

Communication and digital solutions

Marianne Hartz Thomas
Partner, Head of Communications and Digital Solutions, journalist.

+45 24 83 26 63

Marianne is responsible for our communications team. Additionally, she advises and develops communication solutions about energy, climate, and sustainability for our customers.
Marianne enjoys spending time with her two boys, which often happens at the soccer field. Also, Marianne loves doing yoga and jogging. She is currently taking an MBA and when there is time, she takes a swim in the ocean and tries to become a winter swimmer – although she is probably most comfortable swimming in warm water.
About Marianne
Annemette Terp-Nielsen
Junior Advisor, Cand. Soc. in Political communication and management

+45 31 75 17 38

Annemette works in our communications team and deals with digital projects, PR, and advisory services.
She administers both internal and external communication and produces content for web and social media.
In her spare time, Annemette takes yoga classes twice a week and goes for runs– though never more than 5 kilometers. She loves a good book, and brings at least one on her annual skiing vacation.
About Annemette
Annika Laybourn
Senior Specialist.

Tel. +45 28 19 00 62

Annika advises on web issues and is involved in the entire process, from strategy and concept to development and the subsequent testing and management of an application or website. She has an eagle eye for communicating with words, pictures and graphics and her handling of graphic profiles is second to none.
Annika loves shoes and urban culture and is always saving up for her next trip to New York. In her spare time she is a crossfit training fan and runs an online jewellery business.
About Annika
Christoffer Qvirin
Communication coordinator, student employee

Tel. +45 21 46 58 05

Christoffer is our Aarhus based communication coordinator. He deals with communicating the work carried out in the industry team, through graphic design, photos and video projects. Besides being a great visual communicator, Christoffer also does research and written communication. When Christoffer is not at work, you most likely will find him behind the camera. Christoffer enjoys photography and documenting both daily life and vacations. Besides that, Christoffer just likes to relax, and the best way for him to do so, is either by listening to an old record or reading a great book while drinking coffee.
About Christoffer
Kasper Egeberg
Senior Project Manager, MA.

Tel. +4522 58 09 75

Kasper manages digital projects. He works on business development, communications counselling and other types of communication. Kasper has many years of experience with digital projects as well as concept and web development, and he is an experienced communicator. As a project manager he focuses on usability, and he has a good knowledge of sustainability and technology.
Kasper spends a large amount of his spare time on his family: His wife and their 3 boys. They enjoy the city and its many opportunities and spaces. However, their vacations are often spent in a summer cottage in the countryside. Kasper gets his exercise by playing in a football team.
About Kasper
Kirstine Udenby
Adviser, MA.

Tel. +45 31 75 17 17

Kirstine is a project manager and a copy writer in both Danish and English. She has a lot of experience with target group analysis, readability and web communication. Furthermore, she knows how to transform complicated technical terminology into something easily understood.
When the computer is off, you will typically find Kirstine on a treadmill in the local fitness center on Amager Island, out with her friends, or digging into her big collection of cookbooks.
About Kirstine
Kristian Sørensen
Senior Advisor, MA

Tel. +45 24 60 23 41

Kristian is a Senior Advisor in our communications team. He specializes in development and execution of digital campaigns, events and stakeholder engagement initiatives aimed at optimizing resource efficiency and sustainability. Kristian lives with his family in a suburb to Copenhagen, and football is among his greatest interests. He has especially strong feelings for his childhood club Lyngby.
About Kristian
Michael Reuss
Senior Adviser.

Tel. +45 31 24 24 62

Michael is specialised in campaigns and concepts that help Danes save energy. The past 10 years, he has been at the forefront of a number of public schemes and offers for citizens and companies. He is particularly engaged in digital solutions that lead to energy-saving behaviour.
At home, Michael’s family benefits from his cooking skills and his passion for a good meal.
About Michael
Sophie Sarauw
Junior project manager, BA in int. business communication.

Tel. +45 20 96 66 37

Sophie is currently on maternity leave.
Sophie is a project manager and adviser. She works with i.a. digital projects, marketing, and management of several helplines. She also has the primary responsibility for Viegand Maagøe’s external communication including social media and viegandmaagoe.dk.
Sophie lives in Copenhagen Østerbro with her boyfriend. She enjoys a walk along Østerbro’s shopping streets, a good cup of coffee at one of the many cafés, and a good workout in the local fitness center.
About Sophie
Sune Kliborg Lynge
Senior Specialist.

Tel. +45 21 46 58 05

Sune is our graphic designer. Identity design is his specialty and he possesses strong skills within visual communication. He works with anything from identity design and printed materials to web design.
Sune uses his spare time with his son practicing jiu-jitsu and going on hikes and kayak trips. In general, Sune is very fond of outdoor activities.
About Sune

Strategy, Economics, and Finance

Carsten Glenting
Partner, Head of Strategy, Economics, and Finance
Carsten is responsible for strategic and financial consultancy. He has 30 years of experience in management consulting, the energy industry and the financial sector. Through various projects, Carsten has worked with strategy development, business plans and funding in areas such as energy efficiency and renewable energy. In his spare time, Carsten cultivates Japanese martial arts, reads books and plays the guitar.
About Carsten
Astrid Estrup Enemark
Consultatnt, Cand.polit

+45 60 29 78 04

Astrid has a particular focus on data-driven social analyses. Among other things, she is responsible for setting up calculation tools, impact assessments, financing and cost-benefit analyses. In her spare time, Astrid travels with her boyfriend and friends. In addition, she likes to run, play board games, and cook – and she is especially enthusiastic about baking sourdough bread.
About Astrid


Lene Winther
Head of Finance and Office, Graduate Diploma in Business Admin.

Tel. +45 31 75 17 24

Lene is in charge of finance and administration. She prepares annual and monthly reports and follows up on liquidity and budgets. In addition, she helps project managers with the project economy. In her spare time, Lene likes to travel - especially to great cities. Pilates is her favorite activity, although zumba and strolls in the park make her happy too.
About Lene
Gitte Due

Tel. +45 31 75 17 37

Gitte attends to all the practical tasks at Viegand Maagøe and makes sure that all details run smoothly at our workplace.
Gitte lives in Blovstrød with her husband, her two kids, and their two dogs.
In her spare time, she practices crossfit, goes for long walks with her dogs, and enjoys a good book and knitting.
About Gitte
Lene Hammer

Tel. +45 31 75 17 12

Lene takes care of the firm’s day-to-day accounting.
In her leisure time, she likes walking in the countryside with her dog, playing golf, or travelling on city breaks.
About Lene
Lene Ohlsson
Bookkeeping assistant

Tel. +45 31 75 17 25

Lene works in our Administration team and deals with creditors control and accounts payable. Furthermore, she administrates the company’s kWh energy saving projects.
Lene lives in Frederiksberg and enjoys spending time with her children and grandchildren. In her leisure time, you might find Lene preoccupied with a crime novel, out dancing with her friends, or jogging on Frederiksberg’s green paths.
About Lene