In 2009, Viegand Maagøe implemented a 5-week behavioural campaign for the Municipality of Kolding with the aim of helping the municipality to reduce its energy consumption. The campaign was run as a competition between the 10 buildings involved, with the winner achieving savings of nearly 26 %.

Client: Municipality of Kolding

The task
The Municipality of Kolding had previously run behavioural campaigns that were designed to encourage the municipality to save energy, but these had been very time-consuming for the campaign staff. Kolding therefore looked around for a more efficient campaign, preferably carried out by a firm with a lot of experience in this field. Viegand Maagøe was therefore given the task and quickly ran an effective campaign.

How we carried out the task
The campaign, which ran for five weeks, and was both rapid and effective. Each week had a different theme – for example, lighting or IT – which was particularly focused on during the week. We introduced the theme and backed it up with good advice on posters, in e-mails and on the intranet at the beginning of each week.

The department making the biggest savings was named the winner at the end of the week and was presented with organic cake and diploma. The overall winner for the whole campaign period achieved savings of 26 %.

The result
The Municipality of Kolding described the campaign as both effective and entertaining for the participants. The campaign staff found it easy and saved time because we both planned and advised on the execution and summarizing of the campaign. Savings of up to 10 % were made during the campaign – apart from the last week, which was a week when the Christmas lights were put up.

For more information, contact:
Rose Maria Laden Holdt, and +45 31 75 17 21