Building simulation and energy optimization results in energy efficient construction

To ensure that energy is factored into the entire project process Viegand Maagøe works with a comprehensive range of research tools for calculating a building’s energy consumption.

The tools are used for planning and constructing new buildings, extending and renovating homes, building houses and apartments, office construction and in institutions.

Some of the things we do include:

  • estimating expected energy consumption in overall building concepts; for example, using A+E:3D and the Danish Be10 calculator;
  • carrying out specific building simulations and calculations; for example, using BSim, Heat2, Therm, IESVE;
  • carrying out pressure loss and operational analyses for HVAC;
  • simulating the operation of heat pumps in the total energy consumption; and
  • estimating and evaluating the expected energy consumption for a comfortable indoor climate to ensure the choice of energy optimal measures.

For more information, contact:
Anne Svendsen,, 31 75 17 43