Viegand Maagøe prepared the 2010 climate account for the Municipality of Hørsholm – both geographically and organizationally. Our report provided the municipality with an overview of its CO2 emissions and an insight into the areas where it could intervene.

Client: Municipality of Hørsholm

The task
Many municipalities in Denmark find it valuable to have a climate account that can act as a solid foundation for their ongoing work with climate initiatives and which can help identify the areas where they need to intervene. The most comprehensive type of report is a one that looks at the municipality as a geographic unit that takes into account the total climate impact of the activities within the boundaries of the municipality.

How we carried out the task
We prepared the climate account for the municipality using the CO2 calculator produced by Local Government Denmark (LGDK) and the Danish Ministry of Climate, Energy and Building.

We established the appropriate framework for the report, managed the collection of the large amount of data from all the participants and made all the calculations. We also provided the municipality with a catalogue covering its efforts to reduce CO2 emissions.

We also helped the municipality to communicate the account to politicians by producing a short summary of the results, to which local residents also had access on the municipality’s website.

The result
Apart from calculating carbon emissions, climate accounts, which must also be used for reporting to the Danish Society for Nature Conservation, provide local authorities in Denmark with an overview of targets for reducing CO2 emissions year on year. They also provide an overview of how big a share of the CO2 emissions the municipality can directly or indirectly influence.

For more information, contact:
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