Ny Varme is a digital service which informs home owners about how much money they can save by changing forms of heating. We have carried out project management, been an active part in the concept development and provided technical expertise and quality assurance. Ny Varme is a user-friendly calculator which gives home owners a quick overview.

Client: The Danish Energy Agency

The task
The Danish Energy Agency asked Viegand Maagøe to develop a digital service that gives homeowners an overview of how much money they can save by changing form of heating – with a focus on shifting to more energy-efficient heating such as district heating and heat pumps.

How we solved the task
We joined the project in the beginning stages where we took care of project design and took part in concept development. In the end phase we were responsible for written communication, handing the project over to developers and testing the digital service.

We performed the task by:

  • Being responsible for project design and concept development
  • Handling the general project management of data parts, design and developers
  • Defining methods for collecting data from databases and retrieving necessary information
  • Collecting data for set-up, installations and future expenses
  • Calculating  and providing technical expertise
  • Producing written communication and testing

And the result was
SparEnergi.dk now contains the user-friendly calculator Ny Varme which has been received well by homeowners and stakeholders. By making very few entries, homeowners can find out how much money they can save by changing forms of heating. The calculator points to possible forms of heating in the local area of each homeowner, the size of the needed investment and the effect on consumption. The digital service draws on data from the BBR register (Danish register of buildings and homes) and is based on advanced data and calculations which Ny Varme serves in an accessible way.

Learn more
Sarah Reuss Allingham, sra@viegandmaagoe.dk or +45 27 20 34 94