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Website helps the public save energy

The Danish Energy Agency

Energy efficiency is a complex and technically demanding topic. On SparEnergi.dk Viegand Maagøe helps the Danish Energy Agency communicate technical knowledge about energy efficiency to customers, companies and public organisations. We combine our technical expertise with our knowledge about good communication to make sure that our target groups are equipped to make informed choices about energy issues.


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We examine the benefit of converting to renewable energy


We helped Daka evaluate whether it would be cost-effective to convert to renewable energy sources in their processes. We gave them an overview of how much they could reduce their energy costs and CO2 emissions. In addition, we examined the possibility of obtaining subsidies for the conversion project.



Continuous energy optimisation for Dyrup


We help the Danish paint manufacturing company Dyrup localise and document energy savings. With help from Viegand Maagøe and other stakeholders, Dyrup is achieving good results working with energy optimisation. During many years of collaboration we have also helped the company convert to district heating, carry out process optimisations and improve their building envelope.