Viegand Maagøe provides communication and consulting services on energy, climate, and sustainability to public and private organizations and companies.

Facts about Viegand Maagøe


Our turnover increased by 25 % from 2015 to 2016

International projects

40 % of our projects are international

International clients

11 % of our clients are international

Employee bike commuters

86 % of our employees ride a bike or take the train to work

Organic principles

Food and drinks are 100 % organic at Viegand Maagøe


Power consumption

Our power consumption decreased by 4.8 % from 2015 to 2016

Latest news

Mexico will adopt energy standards for buildings

Villahermosa is set to become the first municipality in Mexico to adopt mandatory minimum energy performance standards for new buildings, mainly in order to reduce power demand from air conditioning. The Danish Government has provided technical support, not only to...

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Welcome to our new colleague, Ann-Louise Møhring

Ann-Louise is our new colleague in Sustainability. She holds an MSc in Technological and Socio-economic Planning and has experience with the technical and regulatory field of climate and energy, in addition to project development and project management. She will play...

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