Many Danish municipalities have committed themselves to reduce their energy consumption. In Egedal Municipality, they need to reduce the total municipal energy consumption by 4 % before 2020.  We contributed to the effort by making a comprehensive energy account for the municipal buildings. Egedal Municipality can use the energy account to adjust their future energy reduction efforts.

Client: Egedal Municipality

The task
In 2012, Egedal Municipality implemented an organisational change and established a property centre in hope of creating an overview of the total heating and electricity consumption of the municipal buildings. They asked us to carry out a quality control and interpret energy data from 115 municipal buildings.  Energy accounts would mainly be used within the municipality and as a part of the efforts to reduce energy consumption.  The goal is to reduce energy consumption by 25 % for municipal buildings by 2020.

How we solved the task
We solved the task in close dialogue with Egedal Municipality.

We completed the task by:

  • Analysing and systematising dataset, so they can be reused year after year
  • Formulating focus areas in the energy reduction efforts
  • Creating a user-friendly energy account, so it is easy to pinpoint what is used for in the municipality
  • Making suggestions for future energy reduction efforts

And the result was
We delivered a straightforward energy account of Egedal Municipality. It fulfilled their wish to interpret their energy consumption with a focus on current and future efforts of energy consumption reduction.

Among others, the energy account showed that in 2013 Egedal Municipality had reduced energy consumption by 16 % in municipal buildings.  Therefore they are well on their way to the target of 25 % reduction by 2020.

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