Viegand Maagøe advises on the energy efficient design of commercial kitchens and the purchase of professional equipment and helps staff to adopt energy efficient behaviour without compromising the culinary experience and the quality of the food.

Client: Go’ Energi (Danish Energy Saving Trust)

The task
Commercial kitchens account for around 4 % of Denmark’s electricity consumption, which is why Go’ Energi wanted to reduce consumption. Commercial kitchens are kitchens in institutions, companies, restaurants and producers of ready meals.

How we carried out the task
Energy saving behaviour is about how to use energy in commercial kitchens on a daily basis. We have therefore learnt a lot from how managers and staff in commercial kitchens prefer to receive information on behaviour changes. We did this via a pilot campaign for energy saving behaviour in a partnership with one of the trade’s actors. Our work with saving energy in commercial kitchens included:

  • mapping all available knowledge on energy efficiency in commercial kitchens and putting it together in the Commercial Kitchen Guidelines;
  • consulting with bodies such as trade associations and food authorities;
  • arranging for the Guidelines to be reported in the press when launched; and
  • developing a campaign concept and running a behavioural campaign that provides good advice on energy conscious behaviour while respecting how busy staff are in the kitchen. We also took account of the jargon used by the target group – without compromising the professional message.

The result
Subsequent evaluation of the campaign showed a noticeable change in the attitude of the participants in the 16 commercial kitchens in the scheme. This change in behaviour also spread to other colleagues outside the kitchen and in their private homes.
Our partner has therefore decided to extend the scheme to include a total of 145 kitchens in the group and to use the campaign as the starting point for increasing its work with energy conservation in the group.

For more information, contact:
Rose Maria Laden Holdt, and +45 31 75 17 21