Viegand Maagøe has contributed to the Danish Energy Agency’s work on climate friendly energy development in high-growth developing countries. We have contributed to an energy policy toolkit on energy efficiency in the industrial sector based on Danish legislative, administrative and technical experiences.

Client: The Danish Energy Agency

The task
Financed by the Danish Government’s global climate pool, the Danish Energy Agency has established the Low Carbon Transition Unit (LCTU), which works on spreading energy and climate know-how from the Danish industrial sector to Vietnam, China, Mexico and South Africa. All 4 countries are so-called high-growth developing countries, which are characterized by being non-Western countries that show high growth and relatively low Gross Domestic Product per capita.

The Danish Energy Agency asked Viegand Maagøe to participate in the project of composing an energy policy toolkit on energy efficiency in the industry sector. The toolkit describes the Danish experiences and gives specific recommendations on energy efficiency in the industrial sector, both on a political and a technical level. To the toolkit we brought input on technical and legislative levels.

How we solved the task
We carried out the task using our long-standing experience working with energy efficiency in the Danish industrial sector. We drew on our technical insight, our experience with evaluating energy efficiency legislation and our understanding of which legislative instruments create energy savings in industry sector.

And the result was
The outcome was a brief toolkit that describes the efforts of the Danish authorities and provides tools for creating energy savings in the industry sector. Among others, the toolkit is aimed at decisions-makers and technical experts in developing economies as well as participants in workshops on energy efficiency.

Read more about LCTU, and read the toolkit.

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