Viegand Maagøe carried out a pilot project for RUC Roskilde University in which we ensured that processes, apparatus and utility systems in a large new laboratory were planned energy efficiently. We expect that the university will reduce the energy consumption by up to 30 %.

Client: Danish Buildings and Property Agency (previously the Danish University and Building Agency)

The task
The then Danish University and Building Agency wanted to plan the processes, apparatus and utility systems energy efficiently in the next generation of laboratories. The construction of a laboratory then in progress at RUC University of Roskilde was selected as a case for a pilot project in 2010.

How we carried out the task
We based the project on impartial energy scrutiny led by an energy manager who worked independently of the building project, the energy and sustainability work on behalf of the project owners, the users, the architects, the engineers and the suppliers to the university. The energy manager focused on:

  • safety cabinets/microbiological safety cabinets
  • ventilation/HVAC
  • cooling and compressed air systems
  • processing equipment (autoclaves, -80 °C freezers, etc.)
  • building and building envelope.

This method ensured that the efforts were prioritized and cost effective. Our experience is that the energy savings achieved in this way are greater, and the payback time shorter, than in building projects where all the parties work with sustainability across the whole organization.

The result
We expect that RUC University of Roskilde will end up reducing its energy consumption by up to 30 %. The methods we used for the project will also act as a template for the Danish Buildings and Property Agency’s work with new laboratories in the future.

For more information, contact:
Peter Maagøe Petersen, and +45 21 70 03 08