VEKS wished to explore options of low-cost heat for their new district heating network in Køge. Therefore they asked us to find solutions for how they can use waste heat from local industry for production. We drew on our large network in the industry to help VEKS establishing a project in cooperation with the food producer CP Kelco.

Client: VEKS

The task
VEKS needed a large amount of heat for their new district heating network in Køge. They wanted to utilise waste heat from local industry and get access to more and cheaper heat. This allowed VEKS to secure a cheaper alternative to getting heat produced from the central heat producers.

How we solved the task
We put VEKS in contact with the food corporation CP Kelco, which has the world’s largest pectin plant in the local area. CP Kelco produces a large amount of waste heat, which they now sell for the benefit of themselves and VEKS.

We completed the task by:

  • Initiating a dialogue between the businesses
  • Exploring opportunities with focus on taxes and subsidies etc.
  • Clarifying the potential
  • Preparing a detailed decision-making basis
  • Making optimization suggestions for both VEKS and CP Kelco
  • Carrying out economic analyses
  • Delivering a draft for a co-operation agreement

And the result was
Our work has paved the way for a project that will yield enormous savings for both companies involved. The project has a payback period of 2 years and will therefore be an economic benefit for businesses in the long term. In addition, there is an environmental benefit in store because the use of waste heat means that VEKS can deliver green district heating.

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