Energy management with ISO 50001 results in systematic energy conservation efforts

Systematic energy conservation efforts should be based on the principles of the new global energy management standard, ISO 50001. Energy management binds activities together, focuses on the correct organization of the efforts and maintains the momentum through a fixed annual routine.

We have considerable experience of organising energy conservation work. It is important to be clear that good energy conservation may require a broader anchoring of the work and involves several different staff groups such as the technical department, quality assurance (QA), purchasing, Lean Six Sigma, maintenance and planning.

We work globally with both energy management at the certification level and with less complex solutions.

Some of the things we do include:

  • identifying focus areas and areas of responsibility;
  • discussing and debating the organizational structure with clients and anchoring the energy conservation efforts;
  • establishing templates, procedures and times of year for the activities;
  • auditing energy management and improving the certification process;
  • carrying out gap analyses for existing energy management systems before the technical energy conservation efforts based on best practice;
  • developing concepts for wider anchoring of energy management at a group level; and
  • providing training, courses and education.

For more information, contact:
Fridolin Müller Holm, and +45 31 75 17 14