Energy mapping, and prioritizing energy conservation efforts

Detailed energy mapping is vital to ensure prioritized and cost effective energy conservation efforts. Efforts may often concentrate on 3–5 important plants and processes. With the continual development of technical solutions and changes to energy prices and taxes, a company can often reduce its energy consumption by 20–30 %.

Over the last 5 years we have worked for almost 100 companies in Denmark and abroad, especially within the food industry, the pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology, and the cement, iron and steel and metal industries.

Our energy consulting work focuses on a company’s processes and production plant and on the utility systems that deliver heating, cooling, compressed air, water and other services for production. The potential to save large amounts energy often lies in optimizing a company’s energy consumption based on inside-out analysis; for example, by starting with optimizing processes and then moving to the production plant and utility systems.

Some of the things we do include:

  • mapping the energy consumption in the areas where it is used;
  • analyzing the capacity and efficiency of processes;
  • setting up Pinch analyses for utilizing waste heat;
  • establishing energy management protocols and key metrics;
  • producing energy efficiency plans for new plant and systems;
  • documenting and selling energy savings; and
  • holding courses and inspiration workshops about the energy conservation efforts.

For more information, contact:
Fridolin Müller Holm, and +45 31 75 17 14