We help the Danish paint manufacturing company Dyrup localise and document energy savings. With help from Viegand Maagøe and other stakeholders, Dyrup is achieving good results working with energy optimisation. During many years of collaboration we have also helped the company convert to district heating, carry out process optimisations and improve their building envelope.

Client: Dyrup

The task
In 2009, Dyrup started a systematic efforts to reduce their substantial annual natural gas and electricity bills. We have been a part of the project from the start and are continuously part of the energy group that makes an ongoing effort of analysing and concretising energy-saving solutions

How we solved the task
Viegand Maagøe has been involved in all phases and types of activities relating to the energy conservation efforts – from analysing the processing plant to carrying out night patrols designed to reduce the standby consumption of equipment and machines. Our work has included:

  • Mapping the energy costs in areas where it is used;
  • Screening the potential savings and prioritizing the efforts required;
  • Establishing the financial and technical feasibility for converting the energy supply to district heating;
  • Carrying out night patrols in warehouses and in production and administration areas;
  • Presenting savings suggestions for process areas, HVAC, compressed air and lighting;
  • Obtaining grants by selling the energy savings;
  • Receiving bids for implementing the energy conservation projects.

The result
Among other results, Dyrup has reduced heating costs by 30 %. In total, they have saved 2,5m kilowatt-hours over the past 5 years. Apart from saving energy, Dyrup’s systematic energy conservation efforts have resulted in a manufacturing plant that is thoroughly modernized and up to date.

For more information, contact:
Fridolin Müller Holm, fmh@viegandmaagoe.dk and +45 31 75 17 14