Even though the Danish Society of Engineers, IDA constructed its headquarters as a sustainable building, the energy consumption had been rising over the years. Following an energy audit by Viegand Maagøe, the Society was able to reduce its electricity consumption by 20 %, equivalent to €46,000 a year.

Client: The Danish Society of Engineers, IDA

The task
The headquarters building of the Danish Society of Engineers, IDA in Copenhagen was one of the EU’s beacons of sustainable construction when it was built in 1996-1998. The office and conference centre was constructed with 10 environment-friendly features, including a solar cell system on the roof, toilets flushed by rainwater and seawater cooling of the meeting rooms. Nonetheless, the energy consumption – particularly electricity consumption – was high and had been increasing over the years. In 2008, the Society began a systematic energy renovation of the building with special focus on saving electricity.

How we carried out the task
We helped the Society by:

  • mapping the energy consumption allocated by the main types used: electricity, heating and water;
  • evaluating IT and office equipment focusing on the server room, ventilation, cooling and lighting systems in meeting rooms, the toilets in the conference centre and lighting in corridors and passages during the day;
  • putting contracts for energy saving projects out to tender; and
  • managing the project and advising the project owner throughout the process.

The result
Our investigations showed a surprising number of areas where savings were possible and that several ideas from the project phase has never been fully implemented.
By 2010, the project had resulted in electricity savings of 20 % compared with 2006, equivalent to €46,000 a year going forward. The total investment was just over €200,000 resulting in a payback time of four years.

For more information, contact:
Anne Svendsen, asv@viegandmaagoe.dk, +45 31 75 17 43