Energy audit leads to better buildings and lower costs

Viegand Maagøe offers energy audits of construction projects and buildings. Energy audit is synonymous with cost effective advice and better buildings – and better operating finances resulting in lower energy and maintenance costs.

Energy audits keep project owners on track and prioritize the focus areas through energy efficient design and planning. They also ensure that an accurate and cost-effective energy conservation effort is kept in focus across the total budget of the project – also in terms of what it costs to run the building in the future.

Some of the things we include:

  • creating a common framework and target for energy optimization;
  • defining and challenging the user requirements;
  • prioritizing efforts based on how best to use the money;
  • ensuring that all parties stick to the targets throughout;
  • following up proactively on energy optimization throughout the process, and when switching from one project phase to another;
  • continually documenting and communicating the ongoing situation, so that all parties are working on the basis of the same financial and technical decision making framework;
  • scrutinizing the details of the project and the tender material so that these meet the overall targets; and
  • ensuring the gathering together of experience in an organization.

For more information, contact:
Anne Svendsen,, 31 75 17 43