Get an overview and insight into sustainable construction

Overview, professional knowledge and competence are the key words in our advice and communication on sustainable construction. We think holistically – both at the strategic level where valuation, process thinking and methodology are in focus, and at the concrete level that covers energy optimization, energy analysis and life cycle assessment. ‘

Viegand Maagøe has solid professional skills to illuminate all parts of the value chain for sustainable construction. From the broad level with strategy development to the concrete level with e.g. optimized operating conditions, we specialize in coaching, building consultancy and training, and also have skills in identifying, analyzing and prioritizing aspects of sustainable building and put it in the overall context.

We can do, for example:

  • carry out investigation of the current issues, e.g. certification schemes
  • perform process management in developing sustainability strategies for e.g. building owners and builders
  • develop working methods and guidelines, and substantiate them with digital calculators
  • implement working methods and standards through training and workshops
  • illuminate energy examination, life cycle assessments and CSR based on specific disciplines
  • implement detailed technical analyses of specific disciplines

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