Get help to realize your energy savings obligation

Energy companies are required to create energy savings for Danish consumers. We advise and help energy companies through the process, whether it is by buying savings or liquidating them via their own partners or end users. We provide a simple, inexpensive and safe process.

Viegand Maagøe helps energy companies to create the necessary energy savings. As a company you have several options: with our help you can obtain savings from other network and transmission companies or through our customers and suppliers. We ensure that you achieve the desired amount of savings and ensure a good, cost-effective and hassle-free trade.

As energy experts, we have extensive experience in the industry and a lot of technical knowledge in the field. Since 2009, we have achieved almost 160 GWh savings from Danish consumers. We are skilled at bringing together the threads of trade and ensure that all the formalities are met by law. In addition, we are responsible for all counselling and providing a transparent process.

We can do, for example:

  • Clarifying your strategy for meeting the energy savings obligation
  • Advising on trades
  • Making contact throughout the process
  • Helping to draw up an agreement before project start
  • Managing and documenting the savings
  • Carrying out technical checks on your own projects

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Contact Julie Strandesen, or 31 75 17 36