As part of its energy efficiency planning, Viegand Maagøe helped the chewing gum producer to evaluate and structure its existing energy conservation efforts. The aim was to make the efforts more cost effective.

Client: Wrigley

The task
Wrigley is one of the world’s largest producers of chewing gum with 25 manufacturing plants around the world. In 2008, the company set itself a target for reducing the Group’s total energy consumption by 3 % a year with the head office in Chicago putting the comprehensive savings plan into action.

How we carried out the task
Since 2009 we carried out the following activities:

  • collecting and collating the energy consumption data from 25 manufacturing plants;
  • carrying out energy audits in large manufacturing plants in Shanghai and Gainesville (Georgia);
  • implementing energy efficient design in a new manufacturing plant in China;
  • undertaking technology studies in two key areas (coating processes and HVAC);
  • developing group-wide paradigm for implementing ISO 50001;
  • preparing an overall energy plan;
  • training 25 technical managers and group staff; and
  • holding workshops for technology specialists.

The result
The activities highlighted the fact that four key focus areas accounted for 80–90 % of the potential savings at Wrigley. Thanks to our assistance, Wrigley is concentrating its future energy conservation efforts on these four areas rather than on a large number of ad hoc projects.

In addition, this led to the company recognizing that challenging and re-evaluating the Group’ process requirements and design parameters is just as important as optimizing the energy supply of the manufacturing facilities.

For more information, contact:
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