Hørsholm Municipality would like to help its citizens to a more climate-friendly daily life. Therefore they asked Viegand Maagøe for help to develop, write and lay out a “CO2 diet book” that can inspire people – without pointing fingers, but with the right mix of humor and seriousness.”

Client: Hørsholm Municipality

The task
Hørsholm wanted to publish a “CO2 diet book” that meets citizens at their level and making it tangible for the citizens about how to have a greener everyday life. Moreover, the book show how much each initiative batter in the personal carbon footprint.

How we solved the task
We developed the “CO2 diet book”, and it consists of themes about dietary habits, consumption and recycling, laundry, electricity, heating and transport. Under each theme, you can read what oneself can do and what Hørsholm Municipality does. All the concrete actions are comparable on a CO2-scale, which is also included in the book.

The book is illustrated with humorous drawings showing the challenges an ordinary family meets in their transition to a greener life.

And the result was
The book was distributed to all schools in the municipality to 5th and 6th grade and was also placed in public spaces like the library and the citizen center.

Learn more
Rose Maria Laden Holdt, rl@viegandmaagoe.dk or 31 75 17 21