Danish Energy Agency (DEA) wants to find energy savings in municipalities and regions. Therefore they asked Viegand Maagøe to carry out an analysis, in order to identify the needs and pinpoint the opportunities for future energy-saving initiatives. We performed analyses and conducted workshops and sparring with the local governments.

Client: Danish Energy Agency

The task
DEA would like to make municipalities and regions understand where they can be energy efficient. Therefore, we were asked to find the potential for energy savings and energy renovation in their own buildings and those for citizens and businesses. The goal is to identify the municipalities and regions in need of assistance in this field.

How we solved the task
By conducting assessment of needs and implementing workshops, we pinpointed what future energy-efficiency efforts could consist of.

We completed the task by:

  • Planning and facilitating the analysis process
  • Implementing qualitative analysis of municipal and regional initiatives and needs
  • Following up with quantitative analysis
  • Planning and conducting workshops
  • Managing results from analyses and workshops
  • Making recommendations for future initiatives
  • Evaluating and drawing conclusions

And the result was
The DEA received an analysis report showing the status of municipalities and regions’ work with energy today – both in terms of their own buildings and those for citizens and business.

From the results we came up with recommendations on how the DEA should assist the two target groups to work with energy in the future. All of these aim to maximize energy savings.

Learn more
Lise-Lotte Schmidt-Kallesøe , lsk@viegandmaagoe.dk or 31 75 17 44