It is often a complicated task for energy companies to deliver the demanded energy savings in an effective manner. That is why Vestforbrænding asked Viegand Maagøe to do a screening of the market for energy savings. This screening was to mark out a long-term plan for an effective effort in the future.

Client: Vestforbrænding

The task
Vestforbrænding wishes to continue moving in the right direction in their work on energy savings. Therefore they asked us to screen the market for energy savings and provide them with a safe foundation for their further work.

How we solved the task
We carried out the analysis based on the 5 municipalities that Vestforbrænding delivers district heating to. We examined the potential for energy savings in the municipal buildings, private homes and local industry.

The work consisted of:

  • Examining statistics for energy consumption in the 5 municipalities
  • Entering into a dialogue with the municipal workers responsible for the energy area
  • Involving municipal climate and CO₂ reduction plans
  • Assessing the potential for energy savings in municipal buildings and local industry
  • Assessing the opportunities for optimizing and streamlining energy efficiency services
  • Presenting the results of the analysis
  • Planning further work in collaboration with the customer

And the result was
Our analysis gave Vestforbrænding a long-term plan for how to meet energy efficiency obligations in an effective manner. With that we helped secure that in the longer run they can continue their successful work on energy savings.

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