The greenest municipalities and regions called for environmental procurement requirements for lighting and professional kitchens, which they could use to find the suppliers by competitive tenders. We designed the procurement requirements based on the latest international standards and our own analyses while in constant dialogues with industry associations to reach ambitious but achievable requirements.

Client: Partnership for Public Green Procurement via the Environmental Protection Agency

The task
Environmental Protection Agency requested assistance to establish strict environmental requirements for lighting and professional kitchens, so the municipalities and regions as a part of the Partnership for Public Green Procurement, could have a tangible tool to use when they make offer and buy products in these areas.

How we solved the task
Viegand Maagøe produced a number of environmental requirements, which the Danish market can provide, and customized them in dialogue with the EPA, municipalities and regional authorities that are in the partnership. In addition, we collected cases on green procurement from municipalities with good examples on economic gains and CO2 reduction.

And the result was
We have provided a set of well-documented environmental procurement requirements for municipalities and regions, so that they go at the forefront in the demand for green products, but at the same time ensuring a certain range of products on the market, so price competition is maintained. The requirements are now under the political process of the partnership.

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