In 2010, the Municipality of Furesø established the Kurveknækker Furesø Erhverv (Furesø Curve Breaker) network as part of its work with climate change. Here the members are inspired to focus on energy management in their respective companies. The initiative has led to significant involvement and a change in behaviour, which ultimately results in energy savings.

Client: Municipality of Furesø

The task
Furesø Municipality asked Viegand Maagøe to join the Kurveknækker Furesø Erhverv network as expert advisers. The purpose of this network is to hold theme meetings to inspire the members to implement energy conservation measures in their companies.

How we carried out the task
We advise the members and have an ongoing dialogue with the project manager of the network – both as a discussion partner regarding developing the network and by participating in meetings with members in which we contribute relevant papers.
We also provide input on relevant energy-related topic and carry out energy audits at member companies; for example, ventilation, heating systems or air conditioning.

The result
Today Kurveknækker Furesø Erhverv comprises 40 companies. The network holds four meetings per year at which companies participate actively.

Solar cells, energy audits and district heating are just some of the topics the network has been debating. The latest topic is exploring the potential for establishing solar cell panels on company premises – together with other companies in the area if possible.

For more information, contact:
Lise-Lotte Schmidt-Kallesøe, and +45 31 75 17 44