Online services with energy as the core

Online services make it quick and easy for consumers to learn about and help them save energy. We develop your online services and get hands on all stages of the work. The fundamentals of our work are professionalism and experience in both web solutions and energy.

Viegand Maagøe has experience with a wide range of online services. Our special combination of a high level of energy expertise and extensive knowledge of online communication and development enables us to develop effective mobile apps and online calculators as well as creating sharp profiles on social media.

Our specialty is to develop online services that help users to save energy – e.g. online calculators that can quickly and easily provide an overview of the dwelling’s energy consumption and help users reducing it.

We can carry out, for example:

  • Clarification of requests and concept development in collaboration with the customer
  • Requirements-specified technical solution
  • Project managing and ensuring forward progress
  • Develop the desired online service – incl. text and design
  • Supporting
  • Operation and further development

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Sarah Allingham, and +45 31 75 17 07