Since the establishment in 2008 of the Knowledge Centre for Energy Savings in Buildings, Viegand Maagøe has acted as an expert adviser to the centre in a consortium with TI, SBi and Kommunikationskompagniet. The centre compiles and communicates knowledge on actual and practical opportunities for saving energy in buildings.

Client: Knowledge Centre for Energy Savings in Buildings

The task
Buildings consume nearly 40 % of Denmark’s energy – primarily for heating. Research shows that there are plenty of opportunities to make savings but that these are not achieved because of a lack of knowledge and focus. In 2008, the Danish government established the centre to ensure that those involve in constructing a building and other actors would be better informed on saving energy in buildings. The building sector, and especially tradesmen, were the target group.

How we carried out the task
Viegand Maagøe’s role in the knowledge centre involves preparing the guidelines on the financing opportunities, barriers and tools, and establishing network collaborations and carrying out project surveys and energy follow-ups of the building process. We have held many workshops and developed publications and produced reports such as:

  • research on how to promote energy conservation in buildings (PDF in Danish);
  • folder on strengthening a business with a professional network (PDF in Danish); and
  • a guide to successful energy optimization (PDF in Danish).

The result
The centre was evaluated in 2011 and the results showed that users were very satisfied with the centre and that is known and appreciated by its target group. The Government’s Energy Agreement in 2012 recommended that the centre continues its activities.

For more information, contact:
Peter Maagøe Petersen, and +45 21 70 03 08