Reduce CO2 emissions with a cost effective climate strategy

Viegand Maagøe works with energy plans and climate strategies for companies with production plants in Denmark, the EU, the Unites States and China. We are familiar with local conditions and adapt the strategies and efforts accordingly.

When helping companies to work out an overall strategy for their energy and climate efforts we always base our strategy on a company’s technical and financial improvement potential and on individual national conditions.

There are major differences in the legislation, market conditions and grant opportunities between different countries. It is important to understand these differences and to tailor individual strategies to achieve the most cost effective climate strategy.

Some of the things we do include:

  • mapping the existing energy situation and carbon footprint at a group and company level based on the principles in the Greenhouse Gas Protocol;
  • identifying focus areas and establishing and implementing action plans;
  • implementing BAT (Best available technology) and technology development in key areas;
  • carrying out product labelling and dealing with legal issues;
  • implementing biomass and other renewable energy projects;
  • identifying the carbon footprint of products over their entire lifecycle;
  • offering training and capacity building at a group level.

For more information, contact:
Fridolin Müller Holm, and +45 31 75 17 14