With many years of experience with all forms of communication, we can assist and advise on communication within the energy and climate fields in areas such as the press, web; publications, social media, IT tools and much more. Our service covers everything from establishing media partnerships and relationship building, to mobile apps and operating and constructing websites.

Online Services

Online services with energy as the core Online services make it quick and easy for consumers to learn about and help them save energy. We develop your online services and get hands on all stages of the work. The fundamentals of our work are professionalism and...

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Operation and development of websites

User-friendly web development according to customer needs A user-friendly website with the right functionality and a sharp graphic design is an effective starting point to convey energy, climate and sustainability. Viegand Maagøe offers services that include...

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Online communication

Optimal online communications with professional energy expertise Viegand Maagøe communicates effectively on energy, climate and sustainability. We know what users are looking for online and with our combination of energy knowledge and solid skills in online...

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