Take charge of energy taxes

Energy taxes and the PSO (Public Service Obligation) tariff have changed substantially in recent years. Viegand Maagøe can help your company comply with the rules and take advantage of opportunities. We can lead the way to large savings and help you gain access to grants and tax reliefs.

Companies who choose the right strategy on taxation will be able to find great economic potentials. The work with energy tax involves more than just paying one’s taxes and abiding by the rules – it pays to identify major opportunities for savings and optimize.

Among other things, it can be a beneficial solution for companies to exploit waste heat or convert to renewable energy in production. There are many other interesting models which allow you to combine energy efficient solutions with beneficial tax optimization.

We can review your taxes with our extensive knowledge of energy savings and laws and regulations in this area. We make sure you get a profitable solution.

Some of the things we do include:

  • Identify potentials in a tax review
  • Ensure that you abide by the regulations
  • Suggest profitable solutions
  • Assist you in project design of new solutions

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Henrik Dalsgaard, hd@viegandmaagoe.dk  or +45 31 49 02 00