VEKS asked for our help to ensure that Køge CHP Plant calculated the energy consumption correctly and economically. We helped ensure that they could net settle as much energy as possible, and that they had an in-depth analysis of their tax payments.

Client: VEKS

The task
Power plants and district heating plants pay different taxes of the energy they consume in Denmark. VEKS, the owner of Køge CHP Plant, asked us to review their calculation of taxes. Our task was to examine whether they handled the process correctly, and whether there was money to be saved.

How we solved the task
We ensured that the CHP plant calculated the energy consumption correctly and made sure that as much as possible was net settled. We also ensure that the project made progress and pointed to future solutions in this area.

We completed the task by:

  • Identifying all the taxes and meters
  • Providing the necessary documentation to the Danish tax office
  • Ensuring that the power plant follows the rules, and that all meters are set up properly
  • Proposing new solutions
  • Evaluating the potential for economic efficiency

And the result was
We made sure that Køge CHP plant has the most economically advantageous way to account for their energy consumption. Thus they can settle as much as possible. At the same time we helped ensure that the net settlement complies with the regulations.

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