Viegand Maagøe developed in cooperation with Niras the Danish Carbon Emission Inventory Platform. The Danish Carbon Emission Inventory Platform covers all municipalities in Denmark and comprises all emissions occurring within the geographic boundary of each municipality. We administer the inventory on behalf of the Danish Energy Agency and can be found on the platform

Client: Danish Energy Agency

The task

The purpose of the Danish Carbon Emission Inventory Platform is to help the municipalities to account for their energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions through a standardized tool based on a common methodology. The tool is easy to use and requires no data input from the user because all data come from centralized datasets. This is especially an advantage for smaller municipalities with limited resources and it makes a good basis for benchmarking between different municipalities. Furthermore, the tool facilitates the local governments energy planning activities.

How we carried out the task

The development of the Danish Carbon Emission Inventory Platform was carried out in three phases:

  1. Pre-analysis. The analysis identified the municipalities experience with the previous inventory tool and the needs to fulfill with a new tool.
  2. Methodology. Based on the pre-analysis, the methodology was developed and described including a description of the different data sources needed.
  3. Technical development and implementation. The final development phase laid out the design and user experience of the tool and was developed in cooperation with an external programming team.

The result

For years, the municipalities have spent a large amount of resources on data collection and on calculating their GHG-inventories. The Danish Carbon Emission Inventory Platform provides a complete inventory with no need of data collection or calculations and follows standard guidelines on emissions accounting.

This gives the municipality a readily available GHG-inventory that can be used for reporting purposes and be the basis for an emissions reduction strategy.

The Danish Carbon Emission Inventory Platform is fully functional and is continuously being improved to fulfill the needs of the municipalities and to strengthen the data and methodology.

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