Energy Company “Sinus Energi “would like to offer their customers a tool to save electricity. Therefore we created the Little El-Helper as a digital service that helps users reducing their electricity bills by giving simple tips about energy saving and behavioural changes. The result was a small handy calculator that provides quick and useful advice for all types of users.

Client: Sinus Energi

The task
Sinus Energi wished to attract new while servicing the current customers with a special tool that could help them save electricity. It should be a simple digital tool, with the help of a few details, to verify whether the customer’s electricity consumption was high or low, and how it could be reduced. In this way Sinus Energi as a power company can help creating energy savings.

How we solved the task
The Little El-Helper took only a month to create and is designed as a simple digital calculator that allows easy and concrete advice. Customers can use the advice immediately and lower their consumption.

We have been responsible for the whole development:

  • Clarification of requests
  • Concept development and information architecture
  • Design
  • Calculations
  • Texts
  • Development
  • Testing

And the result was
The Little El-Helper ended up being a small and handy calculator, which gives all users, regardless of prior knowledge, fast and usable energy advice in a user-friendly manner and a light tone of voice. The users can benefit from the advice at no cost – by simply adjusting their daily habits. The Little EL-Helper is now the starting point for a further development project, in which it will be transformed into Sinus Energi’s brand new energy-saving universe.

Learn more
Sarah Reuss Allingham, or +45 27 20 34 94