Scanenergi would like to offer their customers a tool that could measure the energy state of their houses or summerhouses and guide them to energy improvements. The tool should also help Scanenergi to live up to their energy saving commitment. Therefore we developed two simple and intuitive calculators to help homeowners to save energy – regardless of the level of ambition.

Client: Scanenergi

The task
Scanenergi called for a user-friendly tool that could calculate the energy state of the customers’ house or summerhouse and help them improve. The tool should provide dwelling’s energy consumption and proposed savings.

How we solved the task and are built upon the complex calculations that are developed based on the BBR (Building and Housing Register). The system meets the users at their own level; users who know a lot about their housing would have the possibility to elaborate on housing data, while users who don’t have detailed knowledge of the dwelling can simply use the default numbers.

We drove an agile process, while we refined it until we achieved a satisfactory result. We were responsible for:

  • Clarification of requests through interviews and field work
  • Concept development
  • Design
  • Calculations
  • Texts
  • Development
  • Testing and refinement

And the result was and were two simple and user-friendly calculators that can swiftly calculate the energy status of a dwelling and provide concrete proposals for energy improvements. ScanEnergi also offers to send out an energy advisor who will elaborate calculations and help the user furthering the process. This service helps Scanenergi to live up to their energy saving commitment. Preliminary results indicate that a large proportion of homeowners are implementing the proposals for energy improvements.

The calculator is easy to manage, and ScanEnergi has full control over it and can adjust it according to needs.

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