We helped Daka evaluate whether it would be cost-effective to convert to renewable energy sources in their processes. We gave them an overview of how much they could reduce their energy costs and CO2 emissions. In addition, we examined the possibility of obtaining subsidies for the conversion project.

Client: Daka

The task
Daka asked Viegand Maagøe to draw up a basis for decision for assessing the possibility of converting to renewable energy sources in their processes. The basis for decision would also be included in the application for a renewable energy grant scheme which rewards companies that covert to renewable energy in their processes. Our task was to find the most technically sound and economically optimal solution to enable the steam supply at 2 of Daka’s factories to rely on renewable energy sources. The solution should of course be as energy efficient as possible.

How we solved the task
We performed the task by:

  • Analysing energy balances and consumption patterns in the production
  • Establishing a boiler solution that meets the factories’ requirements for production
  • Providing suggestions for how Daka can establish a boiler plant that runs on wood chips
  • Pointing out how Daka can resell energy from condensation of flue gases and waste heat to the local district heating company.

And the result was
Daka received a basis for decision which they can use as a starting point for investing in renewable energy and for the grant application. We demonstrated the possibility of converting to mainly biofuels in the company’s processes.

Learn more
Peter Kristensen, pkr@viegandmaagoe.dk or +45 31 75 17 23