We give advice to energy producers

Making investments in power stations is a complex process. Technical, economic and legal conditions have to interact with climate goals and energy sources. We have broad experience working with energy supplies. We make sure you get an economically attractive and long-lasting solution.

Viegand Maagøe provides your company with bases for decision regarding energy supply matters. We examine which solutions are attractive for your company, and we evaluate fuel types and construction of new facilities.

In our examination we account for economic conditions, including taxes and opportunities for subsidies, as well as environmental and climate aspects. We also include matters of daily operations and maintenance.

Some of the things we do include:

  • Organising preliminary examinations and bases for decision
  • Providing external financing and obtaining subsidies
  • Giving advice on choice of boiler types and fuels
  • Giving advice on heat pump projects
  • Converting to renewable energy sources and examining opportunities for subsidies
  • Pointing out ways of exploiting waste heat which link industry and district heating in an attractive way
  • Examining and optimising taxes and accounting models
  • Providing and documenting energy savings

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Peter Kristensen, pkr@viegandmaagoe.dk or +45 31 75 17 23