Arla Foods has great ambitions for sustainability up to 2020. Therefore they asked Viegand Maagøe to participate in the development of an energy management system that meets international standards and satisfy the company’s own needs.

Client: Arla Foods

The task
As part of Arla Foods’ sustainability efforts and green ambitions toward 2020, we were asked to help developing an energy management system. The system should be certified according to the international standard, ISO 50001, as well as adapted to Arla Foods’ own needs and circumstances of the production sites.

How we solved the task
We developed the management system in close dialogue with managers and operational personnel at Arla Foods. The work consisted of:

  • Reviewing Arla Foods’ existing energy management system and associated materials
  • Giving presentations that included the current system of ISO 50001 system
  • Obtaining and incorporating input from the business premises and managers
  • Defining responsibilities between business premises and Arla Foods’ central Environmental Health and Safety department
  • Holding workshops on energy management according to the principles of the ISO 50001 system
  • Preparing the systems and assisting in implementation

And the result was
Arla Foods received an energy management system that can be certified under ISO 50001 standard and helps the company to meet their green ambitions. At the same time, the system is tailored to Arla Foods’ own needs at the production sites.

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