Several supply companies are confronting new challenges in the efforts of obtaining energy savings. Among these companies, Frederiksberg Forsyning has outsourced the work to Viegand Maagøe, and we have delivered some of the market’s best documented energy savings at a competitive price.

Client: Frederiksberg Forsyning

The task
Viegand Maagøe work with many different clients and partners in industry. Through this work, we realize many energy-saving projects that utilities companies can take on. It was the reason that FF asked Viegand Maagøe for help to obtain 17,000 MWh of energy savings so they could meet their energy saving obligation. We are helping more and more utilities companies to reach their energy savings goal.

How we solved the task
We chose to focus on energy savings in industry, since it is especially here utilities can retrieve greater energy savings. 15 of Viegand Maagøe’s many industrial clients have helped Frederiksberg Forsyning to achieve their energy commitments for 2013. We have liaised and worked with energy savings from start to finish.

The energy savings by Frederiksberg Forsyning comes from:

  • The heavy industry: 76%
  • Medium-sized food manufacturers: 21%
  • Municipalities: 3%

And the result was
Since 2009 Viegand Maagøe has delivered approx. 190 GWh of the market’s best documented energy savings at a competitive price.

By working with Viegand Maagøe, Frederiksberg District Heating escaped the resource-intensive sales and administrative work which is to find, create and manage the paperwork around energy savings. Moreover, they made contact with several large industrial companies, which can cover a portion of energy savings in the future.

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