Energy efficiency is a complex and technically demanding topic. On Viegand Maagøe helps the Danish Energy Agency communicate technical knowledge about energy efficiency to customers, companies and public organisations. We combine our technical expertise with our knowledge about good communication to make sure that our target groups are equipped to make informed choices about energy issues.

Client: The Danish Energy Agency

The task
Since 1999 Viegand Maagøe has helped the Danish Energy Agency communicate knowledge online about energy efficiency in domestic homes and at workplaces. We are responsible for the daily development of the website, editing texts, coordinating our work with our client and providing expert knowledge.

How we solved the task
We take care of all communication on This includes defining target groups, modifying the site, communicating technically complex content, developing online tools, performing technical and communicative quality control and proofreading. This has led to the sharp and accessible communication of the website. Besides editing the site on an ongoing basis, we take care of its further development.

The website has 3 target groups: Customers, companies and the public sector.

We perform the task by:

  • Developing new content for the site in collaboration with technical experts and our client
  • Providing texts and illustrations
  • Developing online tools
  • Entering into a dialogue with our client
  • Discussing further development of design, user interface and functionalities
  • Taking care of further development of the site in collaboration with our client
  • Organising and prioritising all contents

And the result was is where the Danish Energy Agency communicates a main part of their information about energy efficiency to the public. The website communicates energy efficiency in an accessible manner and is being updated and further developed on an ongoing basis.

Learn more
Rikke Nedergaard, or +45 31 75 17 18